Monday, February 18, 2008

My Bag (inspiration from Alex Richards..haha)

Sorry, Alex, I'm stealing your idea. Although I can't upload pics from my camera because I have a problem with the USB and my computer. :P It's messed up, I know. I guess you could say that my computer is messed up. I'll have to show you stuff the old fashioned way (a.k.a. off the internet).
This is my bag. Jimmy Choo Ramona Patent Ring bag from Saks Fifth Avenue. I actually found it on the Neiman Marcus website, which is weird...anyway, isn't it gorgeous?? I actually got it for my birthday, and on the NM website, it says that it's over a thousand dollars. :P Sorry, Mom!! LOL, not that I mind. Anyway, inside of my bag is:

1. MY CELL PHONE. I couldn't find any pictures, but I'll tell you this much: it's a black Nokia camera flip phone, and it's not fat or anything, but it's not like, as thin as the RAZR.
It's pretty good. The battery lasts long, it's good quality...blah, blah blah. I'm not writing a review or anything.
2. GUM. It's Stride...Forever Fruit!! Yum!! I love chewing on this. It's so delish. (: I frankly don't have anything to say about this except that you've got to try it if you haven't. I finished one pack in like, a week.

3. IT GIRL BOOK. Great novel, even though I haven't finished reading it yet!! After this, I'm so getting Bratfest at Tiffany's from the Clique series. (: I love Cecily von Ziegasar, she's a great author. I haven't read Balk Talk by Alex Richards yet...but I'm planning to read it as soon as I can find it!! I promise!! LOL.

4. COVERGIRL WETSLICKS FRUIT SPRITZERS IN GUAVA SPLASH. Mmm, I love this!! Great lip gloss, it's not sticky like MAC or anything (no offence). You should seriously consider this.

5. SHEER COVER. Uhh, I couldn't find a picture in my exact skin tone, but Sheer Cover actually works. It's pretty awesome. Just like the commercial, lol, since commercials usually lie (EX: You'll never have to use makeup again!! or Don't vote for Hillary Clinton, she is lying about all that she's proposing!!)...

6. MY WALLET. It's a Dooney and Burke knock-off from Canal Street. Yes, I'm attracted to knock-offs that look very real. (: I once saw this Chanel bag and it looked like the same exact thing, so I had to buy it. Right? I mean, a Chanel bag. The actual thing probably costs 2000, & the faux costs $25.

7. MY CAMERA. I couldn't find a pic of it (again), sorry. Besides, it's not like I'm able to take a picture of my camera. Well, I could. If I used someone else's camera...augh, forget it. I don't have time to do that. Besides, it's not like you're going to suffer if you don't see what my camera looks like. Right? Well, if you do suffer, then you've got some serious issues.

8. ORANGE TIC-TACS. It's delish!! I love it. Huh. I just suddenly realized that I have tic-tacs and gum in my bag. Should I try them together? Since they're both fruity-flavored? This should be Anyway, I prefer orange above any other kind of Tic-Tac. Idk why...I guess I'm weird like that.

Well, that's my bag!! :P Wow, this is a seriously long post. I better go, I have volleyball practice today, even with no school.

Lata. <3

What I'm wearing:
my volleyball uniform. Duh. A.K.A. : gray shorts (with Clair written on the butt in black!! Too cute!! LOL it was personalized), navy t-shirt (from the hockey arena), white knee pads (Dick's Sporting Goods), white socks (Walmart, Hanes), white and navy Adidas sneakers (Dick's Sporting Goods), and a pair of black sweatpants over my shorts, because its freakin cold outside (hollister). (:


Ana said...

your bag is flipping gorgeous

Sammie said...

thanks, i'm obsessed with my new glasses. i've been running to the mirror and looking at them every 10 minutes, haha.

by the way, i love that bag

Adele said...

orange ticktaks! like Bleeker from Juno! That books looks really cool lol (i should judge a book by its cover lol) what it about

Sydney Speel said...

love that wallet... i'm in the market for one because mine is well, from 1997 Gap Kids.

it was my sister's old one.

alexgirl said...

Oh my god, your bag is SO beautiful! And you've got lots of fun stuff in it. I like the sound of the CoverGirl wet slicks.
Thanks for saying you'll read Back Talk! ;)
If you can't find it in a store, it's on Amazon for sure.
Oh, and I love the Clique, too. Those books are so funny!

Anonymous said...

I think I saw that bag before it is so beautiful, I have my eyes on a miu miu bag at NM,too but it's so much money.

♥Lauren♥ said...

heart the bag and the gum,gloss,and book!

Reggie said...

love the bag!!!
we have like a ton of the same stuff in our bags!!