Monday, February 11, 2008

best of the grammys

Ohmygod, I love this!!!! I have no idea why. Beyonce looks GORGEOUS, except for her hair. No offence, but I'm not really...seeing how it's appropriate for the Grammys. She's richer than me, so she should've been able to afford to stop by at her hairdresser. Whatever. The silver is so cute with the baby blue. I'd buy this dress ANY DAY.

Wow, Colbie Calait (did I spell that right? God, I'm so bad with names, it's unbelievable!!) looks very cute and sunny. She really brightened up the red carpet. Look at the clutch!! Luvv it to death!! Her shoes are fantastic. Dammit, she's brilliant!! The flower adds a touch of femininity that gives a softer and cuter look. Love it X10000!!! 10000/10!

Another yellow dress, with Fergie!! Although the cleavage is a little to bold, I love her hair, necklace, and shoes. No doubt that yellow is a trend here. Sorry, Beyonce! But you could use a few hair tips from Fergie and Colbie. ^^

Did anyone besides MOI watch the Grammys? Loved Rihanna's and Kanye West's performance. :]

Lata. <3


Citrus Day said...

nice frenz??

alexgirl said...

I can't believe I missed the Grammys. Was I living under a rock? I totally forgot when they were. I don't know who Colbie Caliat is, but she looks awesome.

Karine said...

So beautifullllll!!!!
I loved Beyonce's performance with Tina Turner.Amazing!Two powerfull legs!!!


Well..I didn't see it all,but I loved the part that I saw!

Come on!
Amy Winehouse won 5 awards!!
I am very happy for her and I hope she gets better!

Sydney Speel said...

gosh colbie caillat is so gorgeous!

beyonce is well, beyonce, and fergie looks AMAAZINNGG! in that dress.

Adele said...

i didnt watch the grammys but i watched the red carpet as they entered... i think Fergie looked great but your right about the clevage lol. I personly loved Carrie Underwoods, Rhiannas and Natasha Beddingfeilds dress the most :) great post.x

Wendy said...

Beyonce's gown is gorgeous!