Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Jimmy Choo of My Eye

I love this shoe to death!! I saw this in Barneys a few months ago and it took me forever to find online but I finally did on Sugarloot!! It's amazing. ^^ I'm not too sure what I would wear it with, though.

I could wear a gold twist front dress with emerald green accents...or maybe a thrilling white Grecian dress with crystals? I know a few bratty bitches who would die without Swarovski. Oh well. I dunno. Give me your opinion. What should I wear with it? TELL ME.

Although I know I'm probably not going to ever get these shoes, I can dream, can't I? Somehow I'll find a design that's very similar to this one. I always seem to find one. This might have taken me a month to find online, but in no time, with your help, I'll find what I truly need. Wow. -_- That sounded like a cheesy ad. LOL. BTW, sorry I haven't been showing anyone any pics of my outfits, but I can't seem to find the USB for my camera, and that might be a problem. I'll upload my too cute outfit from yesterday as soon as possible!!

Lata. <3
P.S. WHAT I'M WEARING: (this is what I wore to school, babyy!)
-printed hoodie from Asos (pink, orange, yellow, light green, white)
-yellow tank from Target
-dark wash Frankie B jeans from Neiman Marcus
-lucky white Converse sneakers Why are my sneakers lucky? Well, all my friends signed their names on it in a multitude of colors, so they totally match my hoodie. I went for a tomboy look today, but I think it's not bad. Not bad at all, my pretty. ^^


alexgirl said...

AAAAHH! Those shoes are to die for. They look like chandeliers--but in a good way. In my opinion, go with the white Grecian dress. That sounds so glam.
And I love your lucky Chucks!
Great blog, btw. You have awesome taste.

Sydney Speel said...

wow wow wow wow.

love em.

Adele said...

Very cute! Im liking the white dress with crystals idea rather than the gold... Where would you where it? How much are they LOL x

Wendy said...

Those shoes are so amazing! I love the jewelry detailing.

Luna Anette said...

Wow, seriously. Those shoes are beautiful!

Loving your blog<3