Monday, January 28, 2008

R.I.P. Heath (again I'm late)

This has become somewhat of a habit. Being late, I mean. I've got to stop this!! It should've been my new year's resolution, but it's too late. Whatever. I can give up being late for Lent or something. Isn't that what you do?!?! Give up something for Lent? I should give up school for Lent. =P Anyway, to more important news...

...Heath Ledger died! Everyone probably knows about the autopsy and everything so I'm not going to plunge into any details. But it's so sad. He was a great actor, and I totally LOVED Brokeback Mountain!!!!! =( I swear, my sist
er was probably crying more than his parents. She begged my mom to stay home from school. Wow. I love Heath Ledger (Especially in 10 Things I Hate About You!!), but I'm not like, obsessed or anything. Unlike my sister. Don't tell her I said that, btw.

Anyway, I went shopping (AGAIN) yesterday. Get used to it, people. I shop a lot. A LOT. Maybe I should give up shopping for Lent. No, I'd probably suffer from lack of shopping or something. =) Let's see if the doctor can write up a prescription for that! I went to Urban Outfitters and bought this adorable dress to your left. How cute is this? I love it. It would look great with a black necklace & some black flats, right? Tell me what you think!! (The model is equally pretty too ^^)

What I'm wearing:

-green and blue polka-dot pajama pants (Aero)

-a light blue cami (Aero)

-fluffy green slippers (Walmart)

Aww, yeah!! This is like, the best outfit ever. LOL.
My mom is calling me for dinner. I smell shrimp...
...Lata. <3


Rachel said...

I freaking love that dress!!!

Aww, I loved Heath in 10 Things I Hate About You. That's like, my third favorite movie.

Karine said...

I just added you!(Hope you don't mind)

The white dress is perfect!

I'm shocked because of Heath.He was gorgeous,talented and sweet.My first movie crush was " 10 Things I Hate About You" and guess what..
Love at First Sight.

Rest in peace.


Adele said...

aww i love Heath to :( i wrote a blog bout it to. Me and my mate stayed up the day watching his films till like 4am :( its really sad.

But that dress is so cute and i love your black and white idea! :) What occasion will you wear it?

Argh i wish we had Aero and Urban outfitters in england... well we do have a few Urban Outfitters but they sell different clothes and much mor expensive lol

Im Adele btw :) love your blog

Reggie said...

thats an amazing dress! ah-dorable!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your blog, but I have a question. You spend 1000 bucks on a bag, and then your wearing slippers from Wal-Mart. ??????